Cupcake Couture Owner Alli Sims

My Story

Alli Sims has always loved celebrations. It’s what led her to Beverly Hills, home of the most extravagant and elegant parties. Working for A-list party planner Mindy Weiss, Alli utilized her attention to detail and sense of style to create extraordinary celebrity events. Alli’s vision for perfection inspired her to plan and execute perfect parties, weddings and events.

Since marrying her wonderful husband and welcoming their first child, daughter Allegra, Alli moved back to her Baton Rouge roots to pursue her own business. A Baton Rouge native, Alli knows how to throw a good party. And with Beverly Hills training, she brings Louisiana parties to a whole new level.

What’s the best part of any party? The cake! Or in this case, the cupcakes! Alli’s committed to making your wedding or party one of a kind with her delicious, fresh baked cupcakes. Alli’s delightfully inspired flavors and commitment to fresh ingredients make for the perfect cupcake, every time.

Special event coming up? Alli can take your party’s theme or mood and create a cupcake masterpiece. From whimsical to formal, Alli’s cupcakes make your event unforgettable!